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Originally Posted by jim1960 View Post
It took me a while to really wrap my head around this concept. I had a plethora of cheap mics that I convinced myself would work well for me with enough tweaking. I embraced that idea for some years before I realized it was never really going to produce the kind of quality I really wanted.

I agree that there's some level of usefulness to these things in that they can provide you with some idea of the direction in which you might want to head, however, there are cheaper ways to do the same thing. Antares has a mic modeler program that they sell for around $130. It will give you more choices the the Slate or Townsend system for about a tenth of the price. And if the goal is simply to get an idea of what might work well for you, it's probably good enough.

Once a person finds the direction that works for them, I'd encourage them to move onto a mic that does a better job. I can't speak for every less expensive brand, but I do have some experience with some. The Advanced Audio mics all sell for less than $1k and the ones we put up against the Slate were all significantly better. I've used some ADK mics in the past and I'd recommend those also if someone needs to keep the price on the low side. Lastly, if someone is looking for a U47 flavor on a budget, the Lauten Audio Atlantis has impressed the hell out of me. Now none of these approach the level of my Flea, but it's unreasonable to think a $1k mic is going to pull that off.
Couple of thoughts:

First I would not tend to lump Townsend in with Slate, just as I would not lump all plugin software, together.
Also honestly when Slate offered his virtual console and a few of his rack plugins for free, I downloaded it. And gave it pretty good run for about 6 or 8 months. I quit using it because I felt that it did not have the presence and clarity many of the other plugins I use . So if his mic modeling algorithms are of a similar nature it does not surprise me that it is not all that great.

Also I personally do care and I don't think anyone think anyone has suggested that modeling can exactly replicate the sound. And it does not really matter and is not the point. The point is if it can emulate be close and " Sound Good" as well , that is all that matters. Arguably your Flea does not exactly replicate a specific U47 maybe it is close who cares , it does not matter, if it sounds good.

For example my Bricasti M7 has a preset I use all the time called "Sunset Chamber" it is programed to emulate the sound of the Sunset Studios physical chamber. Do not even remotely care if it exactly replicates the Sunset chamber , it sounds so good it does not matter. That is the point .

Without actually hearing the Townsend system all the speculation about what it is or isn't, or can or cannot do, is just that..... speculation.
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