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Originally Posted by Ty Ford View Post
e. g. There are no new U47s around to compare. What did they sound like new? Surely they now sound different than they used to. Which one are you "modeling", the new or the old.


Ty Ford
And, even the ones that are old are mostly no longer NOS. I oversaw ours being repaired in the '80s including replacement of the VF14M tube. Just to keep them running, repairs have often been made, from capacitor replacement to capsule replacement (the diaphragm dries out and becomes brittle) and tube replacement. There have been discoveries of NOS diaphragms and tubes after the originals were lost for years, causing the cost of the very few NOS parts to rise above complete mics. The result of this has been reverse-engineering of the parts needed by micro-industries but when is a U47 no longer a U47?

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