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I have a 1996 Taylor 714 (rosewood-sitka). It came with chrome tuners. Well, I wanted gold ones, but did not want to wait for a custom order guitar. I called the Taylor service center to verify the model number, and make sure changing the tuners myself did not void the warranty. They guy at Taylor (I think it was Terry) said it was no problem. I then ordered them on-line from Stewart McDonald. They were simple to install.

So I bought the 1996, and changed the tuners. It now has nice gold Grover tuners. I think it was about $55.00 with shipping. I kept the old ones just in case I ever want to restore it to its original equipment.

(By the way, I was able to repeat the same thing with my 2000 Martin HD 28--only this time the place I bought it had a set of Gold Martin tuners they sold me for $45.00.)

Just somethin' about those gold tuners that adds to the look of the guitar.
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