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Thanks everyone. So I've run the gamut on pre-amps. I own the K&K XLR pre-amp, the Red Eye, the Venue DI, and just borrowed a friends Para DI (which I used to own but sold to get the Venue DI).

For some reason With the high and low mid controls On the Venue, I cannot get rid of the metallic mid sound to my liking. I can bring up the low and it sounds good finger picking but when I strum it just all sounds bad. Same with the K&K XLR. It has the EQ just fine but still mid range. The Red Eye is good, no EQ just plus and play and adjust the amp (I do love the boost switch), the Para DI. For me, sounds the best, very nice actually. However, I will go back to the Venue DI and manipulate it along with the amp bass & treble.

LarryJ, do you use your Ultrasound amp with the Shape toggle switch on or off?

Any additional pointers?
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