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Originally Posted by drplayer View Post
Why not just add a pick-up to A guitar you already have, to give you good sound whether plugged-in or not? There are a lot of great minimally evasive options out there these days, and you'd save a lot of cash...
Zombie thread but...
This is a good idea. personally i am leaning toward
a smaller guitar. For live plugged in sound one
does not need a dred or jumbo to get a good
sound. It really comes down to the pickup and the
outboard electronics. I would find a guitar with
a great action and put a decent pickup in it.
I am partial to the baggs m80. It sounds
good in a wider amount of situations.
The kk sounds great but is not as versatile.
a smaller guitar is less feedback prone and unless
you use a mic there is no need for a dred.
Or have a dred for those times you play acoustically.

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