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Default Mark Knopfler's 6 Guitars

I've been kind of into Mark Knopfler lately. I didn't follow his career too closely over the years, although I certainly have been aware of his work since before the BROTHERS IN ARMS album. But I've been watching some short documentaries he's done over the years for SKY. This one is probably 4 or 5 years old but it's called Guitar Stories and Mark talks about the 5 or 6 guitars he's had over the years. He's being interviewed by the episodes host and his former band mate. It's entertaining and it's given me a new appreciation for some of his later music (there's actually quite a bit of stuff he's film.) Another good one is where he talks about the making of the song Sailing To Philadelphia and how it was inspired by the actually mapping of the Mason Dixon line...but here is the GUITAR Stories episode if you're interested.
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