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Originally Posted by Mark Hatcher View Post
You're right, there are a number of things this wouldn't help with like sustain, also responsiveness. It would really only be a way to help gauge tonal balance. However, it would probably be more helpful than a request for a "textured bass, choir like trebles, and dynamite mids".
Yes, as I said, I agree that it does get you closer than words alone will. I had an interesting experience I posted elsewhere when I was having my Stehr built. Someone else had posted a link with three different sound samples. I listened and found one that I really liked. I sent the three samples to Joel and asked, based on our conversations, which did he think I liked most. His answer was, I think you like [sample A], but my guitars really sound more like [sample B]. I actually liked the one that he said his guitars sound like, so all worked out well, but it highlighted that, as hard as I tried to verbalize what I was hoping to achieve, I didn't adequately explain it. If you do what you're proposing, it might provide a really good starting point.

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