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Originally Posted by jaymarsch View Post
Another beauty, Mark! I look forward to seeing under finish as well. I love me some cedar and pairing it with walnut is a nice combo.

Thanks Jayne,

There really is something special about the cedar/walnut combination. It makes for a very light, responsive, and versatile guitar.

Originally Posted by Zandit75 View Post
Beautiful Mark, great choice of timbers!
Thanks! There are quite a few different woods on this guitar that were selected quite intentionally. I've mentioned it before but, part of my planning is to set the perspective wood selections up on the bench at the back of my shop. They are always in view yet out of the way. I place and pull different candidate woods in passing throughout the day and it seems to come together quite naturally that way. I should call that back wall "The Dart Board". It's really filling up now. I've scheduled a number of builds to bring to future shows so I'm working on all of my models in a range of options.

Originally Posted by JamesO View Post
That purfling really is special.
Thanks, that Zebrawood makes great radial purfling. Kind of a natural wood sparkle.

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