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Kostal being versatile....

this was mentioned in another thread and I thought I would post it here.

I mentioned that my Ryan was the most versatile guitar I own and I think that is pretty accurate.

I spoke to Jason about a technique I was using and we talked back and forth about the whys and the hows.

lets try to break it down....

I was playing a few songs on my Kostal for this elderly group and when I was doing some slap harmonics, I felt like it was easier to do on my Ryan.

I'm not talking about artificial harmonics or fretted harmonics, but a slap harmonics like in Hedges Ragamuffin or Keaggy's Reunion or Legacy.

The consensus is that my Ryan has bigger fret wire. When the harmonic is slapped, the bigger fret wire allows the slap to be more percussive.

But everything else on this Kostal is so easy. Much like a spruce guitar feeling like a cedar guitar.

Who knew about the fret wire? but again, I don't always slap a harmonic

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