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Originally Posted by dfvxc View Post
Thanks again for your input guys!

Hey, are you the Doug Young who reviewed the Taylor GT-6 and GT-8 for acoustic guitar magazine (I think?)? If yes sweet! I really liked your playing on E Ku'u Morning Dew!
Yep, that's me. Thanks, glad you liked it!

By the way, KevWind, this reminds me, the video he's talking about, I just recorded with the Zoom H4n, so that was X/Y, tho I also blended in the pickup. XYZ? :-)

Originally Posted by dfvxc View Post
Can I ask you an off-topic question? How do you feel about the GT-6 compared to other baritones? I'm gonna buy a baritone, but the GT-6 is the only one I've ever played.
I haven't seen a GT6, only the GT-8. Based on the GT-8, I suspect I'd like the 6 string version, too. You might just post separately for advice on bari's. There are a bunch of people here with a lot of experience with them, (playing them and building them).
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