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Originally Posted by pshih1 View Post
how much does the 24.75 short scale affect tone and projection since the tension is lower
Quality of tone and projection is typically not an issue for builders like Santa Cruz who really understand how to build and voice their guitars for short scale.

That said, every guitar is an individual and should be judged accordingly. Back when I bought this years ago, the dealer also had a Euro/EIR short scale OM/PW in stock that had nowhere near the volume and power that this Cedar topped OM/PW did. Believe me, I have really laid into this one at times and it just gets louder. You may notice from my sig that I also have a J-45 for sale. Despite the bigger body size, this OM/PW Cedar will absolutely bury the J-45 in a head to head volume matchup. It's not even a fair fight.

Thanks for your question and hope this answer helped a bit.
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