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Default 2019 Kostal OMC, Amazon Rosewood/German Spruce

Here we’ve landed a Kostal OMC from 2019 which is begging for action. Amazon Rosewood body with chocolate-dark coloration like primo old-growth BRW; German Spruce on top with one of Jason’s famous stained glass rosettes. At the headstock we find his two-tone headplate design rendered with Ebony and Rosewood and outfitted with Gotoh 510 tuners, plus a scalloped nut. 14 frets to the body with a florentine cutaway and a 25” scale makes for an effortless playing experience that’s loose enough for some bends but still crisp and punchy. The trebles have a quick and lively quality that really sings out, especially in lowered tunings.

"This OM Cutaway by Jason Kostal offers you a big voice. His OM shape, like that of his master Ervin Somogyi, is slightly bigger than normal so you get more bass response more fullness, a bit more of everything really." - Paul Heumiller

Price: $16,480

For more information please visit:

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