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Default Savage Patch Ovation Parlor Guitar

I can't thank Dan Savage of the OFC enough. When the market crash finally caught up with my, some would say out of control, guitar trading habit, I thought my custom build days were over. I wasn't all that bummed out as I had amassed a very satisfying collection of O's, but I did regret that I never got to move on to the next project I had in line at the time. I had discussed it with John Budny at Ovation for years, but I wanted a Redwood parlor BAD!

Now, not only do I get the parlor, but it will be a nylon string, shiny bowl, wide-neck, SINKER redwood one as well! Honestly, I'm looking forward to following this build almost as much as I am to playing the final result!

Dan has started to keep a lower profile online, but he said he would post a build thread on the OFC, which just popped up today. Considering the popularity of the "RenOvation" thread in this section a while back, I thought it would be interesting if I copied his progress here. Here's a link to that old thread. It's a good read. New Larry Robinson Inlay

As this progresses, I'll have my own input, but I will put anything from Dan's thread in red quotes. He knows more about the nuts and bolts of Ovations than almost anyone I know.

I'll start the pictures and such in the next post, but for now I just want to say, "Thanks again Dan!"
Well, it looks like one of those desiderata days.....

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