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Default Top Tuning!

I went over to visit Larry at his shop this morning for top tuning! Always a fun time...

I have a few pics, but not a ton because the process went very quickly on the top. Before any of the brace work the top had a very open and fairly full ring. After mostly narrowing the braces, it was more open and resonant, with a fuller low range component to the tap.

I've included a few videos: Before brace reduction, after brace reduction, and a bit of humor. Well...we were amused. The microphone on my phone does not pick up the subtleties of the tap tone, nor the changes therein after the work was completed.

Before brace reduction.

Pics of the braces reduction process. Larry used two small planes and a sanding stick.

The sanding stick. This thing has been sharp for 11 years!

A bit of sanding dust showing.

Working with one of two planes.

After the brace reduction.

And a bit of humor...
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