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Yeah, I have a set of Fishman Fluence pickups on an SG, and I have to say I really like 'em. On that guitar.

In regards to pickups on the top of an acoustic affecting the sound: I think it has to have some effect. I really like my X10 with the Krivo humbucking pickup and the individual piezos, but I think that guitar is perhaps a bit quieter acoustically as a result. It still has a lovely balanced acoustic sound, though. It is designed to shine at its best when plugged in.

What Emerald is doing with slim-body and additional pickup designs will likely offend some "purists," but they are giving players some great options for plugged-in sounds.

I've said it before: it's a great time to be a carbon fiber guitar player - so many good options.
Some CF, some wood.
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