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Originally Posted by Mr Bojangles View Post
It is a series of interviews with famous artists that explains their writing methods and guess what, they are mostly all different.
Heck, even the same songwriter (like me) can use different methods for different songs. Sometimes it's a fragment of melody or a cool riff that starts it off. Other times I stumble on a chord progression. It can be a random lyric that pops into my head. I've had to compose commissioned songs based on a particular topic.

One thing I sometimes do, regardless of the starting point, is to identify the overall "feel" I want in a song, find other song(s) that have a similar feel, and borrow/adapt bits and pieces, whether chords, rhythm, or melodic cues. By the time I'm done, it seldom copies the original(s) very closely. (I do try to avoid borrowing lyrics.) It's a bit along the lines of Earl49's bit about modifying old folk tunes.

For example, the tune I'm working on now was inspired by some names written in a concrete sidewalk while I was walking the dog, and I decided I wanted it to have a "feel" a bit like some of the tunes from Nilsson's "The Point", where he does some neat circle-of-5ths stuff with the chord progressions and the songs have a certain "bounce" to them. Not that my song will sound like The Point at all, but... you get the point.
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