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Originally Posted by Steve DeRosa View Post

I've played a few MIJ non-cutaway Gretsch Synchro 400's that were excellent, and one that was truly amazing - shame they discontinued them in favor of the New Yorker...

The Epiphone Masterbilt line was neither fish nor fowl, and a total flop on the market...

I'll just wait a while to see if the long-rumored, all-carved New York-style Epis ever make it to production...
I concur. I also played a Gretsch Synchro 400, borrowed from a friend and it WAS nice. Just felt right.
Then my eye caught the New Yorker. Ouch. I couldnt believe how flimsy it was. Very disappointing. The Masterbilt line is just meh to me.

The Eastman w mahogany b&s i havent played. They seem too shallow to me (as in non deep).
Im still eyeing out for a Kalamazoo KG21 or 22.
That's about right. I have a flattop K14 looking for a brother..
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