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Default Pickup v3

I know... nobody saw pickup v2... The main problem was the PVDF film hanging folded because of the weight of the connectors... so pickup v2 died.

The new box designed to have the connectors in the box.

I also packaged the 5.6 Mo input impedance preamp

The pickup is positionned under the saddle line. I get similar tone as before.

1) It sounds better than I thought. The acoustic tone might be slightly affected. As if the box gave the ADGB strings a bit stiffer response (the pickup does notcover the whole saddle area)

2) There is a HUGE hum. I first tried to shield the box but had other problems to solve and got rid of the shielding. Note that copper tape shielding really damped the response of the wall it was applied too.

3) The guitar feels much heavier. That was to be expected with the bulky preamp and battery.

4) 1 Mohm input impedance should be enough. We don't need so much low end.

To be continued...
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