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Originally Posted by Silurian View Post
I don't really want to get drawn into a debate regarding the first two paragraphs but it's the final one that puzzles me.

Normally comparisons about environmental impact are made between products that broadly speaking have the same function.

I have never attempted to string a guitar with packing peanuts. I imagine it's quite difficult and the tone probably isn't great.
Well, they sound really good for playing Linus and Lucy.

The reason I picked strings for a comparison is not that they're equivalent products, but rather that we all run through a lot of guitar strings and rarely discuss their environmental impact. By buying the strings, we tacitly accept their impact as a worthwhile tradeoff for what we want to accomplish, rather than considering their environmental impact independently of their utility. If we're willing to weigh utility vs. impact for strings, the comparison is meant to illustrate that we could apply the same logic to the peanuts; consider their impact in light of their utility, instead of divorced from it.
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