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Originally Posted by Bob Womack View Post
I took delivery of a tube combo amp that was really, really well-packed. The sender removed all the tubes and rolled them in bubble wrap. He wrapped the speaker and then filled the open combo with peanuts. Then he put it in the box and filled the whole box with peanuts.

When I opened the box, accumulated static caused the peanuts to crawl up my arms to my shoulders. I peeled them off and tried again, but the silly peanuts simply adhered and climbed my arms again. It was actually sort of creepy. Finally I thwarted them by rinsing my hands and arms before handling. I had to go back and moisten my hands and arms until I was finished emptying box and amp.

That darn static cling. It's even worse if some of the peanuts have broken into small pieces or slivers - almost impossible to get off you. I take a damp cloth to help with that.
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