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Originally Posted by Nemoman View Post
I totally agree, Dennis--the back and sides are so incredible that ebony will really allow the other woods to become the focal point and do the talking.

You must be getting super excited!
I believe Dennis is, and I know we are.
Because the artistic embellishments are so pronounced on this upcoming build, we started with the fretboard/peghead which are currently being beautified at Larry Robinson's shop. When back, several other critical choices will be made that will compliment the Robinson inlay, e.g. the rosette.
It's sort of the reverse of the first Tom Bowersox build, where the rosette was designed/inlaid, and then everything else was designed around that.
Dennis was clear about his fretboard/peghead, and then everything else will be made to compliment that.
I guess I'm saying it's unusual to feel this artistic adrenaline so early on in a build. And as we're doing the artistic stuff on Tom's 2nd build right now
I'm pretty much up in the stratosphere.


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