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Originally Posted by cigarfan View Post
Awesome! I see my Penelope made the wall. Love it. Really like your shingle too Mark. Eye catching.

Glad for your success with the tour. I love my Hatcher's and I'm sure your new customers will feel the same.
Originally Posted by ukejon View Post
All looks great....have a wonderful event this weekend.
Thanks Fellas! It was time well spent. Sunday was a little slower due to rain and Monday wasn't killer either but, frankly the whole weekend was a success by the end of the day on Saturday. This being my second year on the tour, word had gotten out that there was a guitar builder showing so there were a lot more seriously interested folks coming through. I was also interviewed by the local newspaper and a Southern New Hampshire magazine so this isn't over yet. One of the nice things that appealed to possible buyers, besides being here to select the woods, is the offer of a seat right next to me when I carve the neck "How's this feel?" "How about now?" "A little more here?"

Originally Posted by GeoffStGermaine View Post
I appreciate the detailed response, Mark. It's certainly helpful. Thanks!
Great! You're welcome
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