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Originally Posted by Mark Hatcher View Post
Thanks for the kind words Geoff. I like and can hear the difference using a rosewood neck. Objectively, it adds more sustain. Objectively/subjectively, it gives fuller trebles. Subjectively, it feels better on the fretting hand.
Weight wise it adds 2 to 3 ounces if the wood is chosen wisely. This is easily offset by open back tuners and an oversize or heavier tail block. Which, by the way, the additional weight on the tail block also adds to sustain. I am a big advocate of building very light guitars, though, I am not at all against putting weight where it belongs. I should add that these are incremental improvements and are not of the scale of change you hear on an electric guitar.

Hope that's helpful!
I appreciate the detailed response, Mark. It's certainly helpful. Thanks!