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Default *COMPLETED!* Urlacher OM (German/Guatemalen) with photo/video


We're very happy to have yet another build with Rebecca coming to Cedar Rock Studio Guitar Gallery in the next few months. This will be our 3rd guitar of hers to pass through and the recent Redwood/Indian model didn't last long in our inventory. If you have interest in this build, please feel free to reach out. Here's what's coming!

Generally my tonal preference leans towards European spruce with Rosewood. It is a rich combo for fingerstyle and has plenty of dynamic capability for the right hand to suit a variety of tunes. Our previous order with Rebecca was Redwood and Indian rosewood, as a direct comparison to the Cedar/indian build Dustin Furlow had made. As expected, the tone was quite similar, just a bit more headroom. We are very much looking forward to hearing how the spruce sounds with Rebecca's voicing and expect it to be a home run!

For those unfamiliar, Rebecca is a luthier of over 20 years who resides in Bend, Oregon. Somewhat close to Portland. She has access to very fine timbers and works in a way that lets the beauty of the woods speak for themselves. Her attention to detail and inner construction is extremely neat and precise. She attended the last available Ervin Somogyi voicing class and it shows in her balanced, full, rich tone. The finish for this build will be a very thin Nitro lacquer done by Addam Stark. Her guitars now come standard with either a Visesnut flight case or Cedar Creek high quality arch top case.

Here's the specs for this build:

-Top: Bearclaw German Spruce
-Back/Sides: Guatemalen Rosewood
-Fingerboard: Madagascan Rosewood
-Binding: Figured Koa
-Arm bevel: Micro, Ryan-style
-Rosette: Eucalyptus, Koa, Rosewood, Ebony

Additional measurements:

Nut width: 1.78"
String Spacing: 2.31"
Body Depth: 4 1/8"
Lower bout width: 15"
Scale length: 25"

Top before cutaway:

Back joint:

A lovely piece of Madagascan we chose for the fingerboard:

Rosette details:

Box closed!

Classy microbevel:

Rebecca is currently carving the neck and will have photos of the head veneer design in the coming weeks! Can't wait to hear how this one sounds. Thanks for following along!

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