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Default When {original}

This is played in CGDGAD, capo on 1, my favorite tuning lately. I wrote this using my Guild D-120C, so I thought I should record it with it also. It's a simple tune, but has a nice flow I think.

I recorded it at a dangerous time, 9:00 pm, Everyone is up, watching TV, on their phones, etc and the dogs are wandering around looking for me as well. Recording under these circumstances is interesting. You just know someone, somewhere, is going to make noise and you'll have to start over. We have two mini schnauzers and they bark when the wind blows.

I used a different mic pairing this time. A Sterling ST-170 active ribbon is the left mic and the right mic is an AT-2035. My recording device was a Zoom H5 and I edited the wav file in Rx7 Standard and then "mastered" in Reaper. It was recorded in our spare bedroom, but alas, no noise absorbent/deflective panels yet.

I also fooled around with composing using a chord progression or two instead of just wandering around the fretboard for inspiration as I usually do.

Anyway, here it is.


Basement recording demo....

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