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Originally Posted by DarkestDreaming View Post
the KnK system is actually a contact pickup and an internal electret condenser mic. Does that count?
Yes, I'm familiar with the system - I use a K&K with a much upgraded mic myself. It in no way is a match for external studio mics. If you want the sound people get on fingerstyle records, you need mics. Seriously. If you want an "ok home pickup recording", to hear yourself and improve your playing, share with a few friends, etc, a pickup will probably do. But if you want to sound like the pros, you need mics.


Also when my friend asked him how he recorded this tune (the youtube version):

he mentioned that it was only his knk trinity, so it was kinda one of the reasons i bought that system
The K&K is a very nice pickup for live use. Recording, less so. Antoine may very well use one for his you tube videos, tho you can clearly see a large condenser mic in the shadow in this video. Maybe it's turned off, but this does not sound like a pickup-only recording to me, tho it certainly has a lot of pickup sound in there.

Honest, if you want a good recording of an acoustic guitar, use external mics! It's not even a matter of opinion.
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