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Doug, this is in fact an excerpt of an Antoine Dufour piece called 'Reality". However, i dont think we'll use that as a reference track because he was recorded on a baritone guitar, down a 4th from what i was playing it in and he used an LR Baggs magnetic to get that sound. Let's use Wapus as a reference track

I mentioned in my email to you that i recorded it with the intention of just testing the KnK pickup out, which at the time i just purchased, so i just sent the mic/pickup blend to a mono track for convenience. That was also why i recorded it too hot, as i did a few takes on different settings and didnt want to master them all for the purpose of comparison with some external raw tracks which i thought were good recordings.

Also there was no external mic being used. If you wish, i could re-record it with the pickup and mic being two separate mono tracks (with lower levels of course), that way you can make a pseudo-stereo sound?

The track was not mixed at all. I sent it to you right as i recorded it but i did take a lot of time tweaking the KnK preamp so that it was as balanced as possible going into the recording. Also, the hum was in fact a table fan blowing at me... i wasn't really recording it with the intention of making a proper track, just testing out the pickup so i sorta not bothered, plus it was really hot XD

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