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Default A week without the boss (more Kinnaird F1 content)

So, Steve decided to leave me alone with the shop for the next week. Apparently he has some familial pull to go see his brother and nephews and whatnot. And though it's going to be fun babysitting Tom's SJ, I thought I might take the week and build most of a F1 model guitar. You could even help me out if you would like. I'll be making some choices along the way (though not as many as say a custom build), if you want to put in your input, feel free.

Here's what I'm accomplishing currently:

So, to start: our F1's are OM's that have been stripped down of most ornamentation (no side purflings, no fretboard binding, etc.). This will be a Sitka Spruce top and E. Indian Rosewood back and sides given to us by the aforementioned brother John.

This is what it looks like:

The top looks good for Sitka, but I'm guessing you've seen a Sitka top. So how bout some input on a rosette. I'd like to get one in today, so if you have any suggestions on either the Texas Ebony or the Quilted Maple, let me know. Just for matching purposes, you should know that quarter sawn fleck Maple will be the binding.

Rosette choices:

Help a boss-less employee out. Pretend you're the Kinnaird CEO for a week. And let's nobody tell Steve what's going on here.

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