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Originally Posted by Winblows View Post
... it's the only short cable I have. None of my other cables does it (same cheap brand).
Is it because of the length ?
Originally Posted by Winblows View Post

Originally Posted by Winblows View Post
Maybe, I should resolder both plugs?
OK some clarification is definitely needed (is English a second language for you ?) I ask because your posts as written and pictured are very confusing .

#1 In answer to your first question NO hum is normally not a condition of how long or short a cable is.. Loss of signal level can become an issue because of very long runs of cable like (100 ft or more ) ,, but usually "hum" is grounding fault, regardless of length.

#2. In your OP you mention " it's the only short cable I have" which sounds like one cable then in the your photo you show two cables ?

#3. As MarkF_48 pointed out, You need to clarify exactly what cable/s you are actually talking about . From the photo it appears as thought you talking about the speaker cables from your interface to your monitor speakers. YES ?

If YES , then the first thing to do,,, is first find out if it is just one cable , or both, that is causing the " hum" issue
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