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Originally Posted by Cybenator View Post
Guess I was fooling myself looking at archtops in that price range. I don't want a wall hanger, I want a player...
As I said before, you have to be patient and persistent; as long as you don't expect to get a dead-mint museum piece with tags and original strings - although it does happen once in a rare while if you hit the right garage sale (my father's mechanic had a circa-1950 18" Epiphone Deluxe like this in the late-60's, wanted $200, should've grabbed it) - player-grade instruments are out there in or close to (make an offer if you're interested) your price range. Here's a few Reverb listings - and if you check eBay, CL, or Google-search the exact model(s) you're looking for you're almost certain to find others:
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