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Originally Posted by Slothead56 View Post
Great feedback Frank! This was really a surprise gift as I hadn’t uttered a word about doing any recording.

I have little to no desire to create multi-track masterpieces. If I were to do that I’d hire a small studio and an engineer, play all the parts myself and do what i do, play and sing.

At best, what I think would be a win/win would be your option #1, recording “live” (assume that means a live performance or live in my basement) for review and posterity. I always sprinkle a few originals in my sets—that’s really what I want to save so my adult kids understand where all this nonsense started!

If that’s the case would a Zoom handheld be the answer?
Yes, those Zoom units are inexpensive and easy to understand, and have been a classic answer for those who just want to record. Despite being committed to computer based recording, editing, and computer based "virtual instruments," I have a Zoom H2N and have used it for "location recording."

Someone has mentioned the Spire Studio, which I have never used. It sounds like something worth a look, particularly if you have a modern iPad or iPhone.
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