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Originally Posted by billder99 View Post
Thanks Mark, I listened thru the laptop speakers, then listened again thru quality headphone... the Zoom Multistomp is surprisingly lush, and close to the Strymon... for a very low price and multieffects... now we're talking.

Growler and Atticus, I would normally agree with you... take your time and buy the thing your heart desires. I have never played with effects other than the light reverb on my Fishman LB Mini and my Soloamp... I need to experiment a bit to understand where it would be worth $700 a pop to go with Strymon pedals... a bit of ear training seems like a smart way to start.
I would look at some of their more affordable pedals and look used. Instead of the Big Sky look at the Blue Sky. Itís what I run on my rig and is an incredible reverb. The Big Sky is nice if you have that kind of money, but I was able to pick up my Blue Sky for ~$230 on the used market. An expensive reverb for sure, but itís one of the highest quality verbs you will find in that price range. For chorus/flange look at the Decco. Again, youíll probably pay in the upper 200s used, but that is a sick tape emulation pedal that does great chorusing, flange, and phasing as well as adding a nice ďtape warmth.Ē The Flint is another nice pedal that combines a few reverbs and tremolos- again, upper 200s. For a delay ether the El Capistan or the Dig are great clean options, both in the same price range. If you go with their smaller pedals youíre looking at $250-$300 per pedal instead of $500 or so per pedal for their bigger toys. All told for the $700 you mentioned you could get a very nice reverb, delay, and modulation if you find the right used deals. Also these pedals hold their value extremely well as compared to other budget pedals, so if you ever decide you donít like them or want something different, you can recoup most if not all of your investment.
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