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In "Chapter 1" Bruce said: "Rode my bicycle today for the first time in nearly a month. Very pleasant! Slow ... The P 000 came out as expected. It is delivered and the owner has expressed pleasure"

Related to Bruce, I did a few things this weekend:

1. I took a couple of bike rides. One with my daughter to get a hot chocolate and then play basketball and another where I rode my bike to see my son play bass in a Pink Floyd cover band

2. Also, I played this P 000! I am very happy with the way it came out and look forward to learning more about the guitar. It is very balanced, loud, has clarity, resonance and a certain elegant tone. Ergonomics are very important to me and the neck shape is perfect and the body wedge is welcome. This is my first multi-scale and I believe it works. I get the sense the guitar is still adjusting to the Virginia climate and I will give it a few weeks before I seek to tweak it. I will try to post about the guitar further. I am very pleased.
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