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Welcome to the nuthouse JB! From your site it looks like you're pretty close to the Hedges resources. Hopefully, if I could ever afford a HG, (after another guitar that's on my wish list), I can delve into some Hedges material, (especially BIT). I have to say he's probably my main influence.

Feel free to IM me as to your feelings about the Holloway 5. I was kind of looking that direction if a couple of local luthier options didn't pan out. Glad to see the K&K solution worked well for that end of things. I just put a K&K in my Lowden this spring and it really helped the sound for my first gig this month. Yeah, I'm sold on K&K.

Again, welcome!

PS. All that alt tuning stuff... lol, a player after my own heart! :-)
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