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Default Harp guitar enthusiast

Hello gang. I just joined the AGF and have been enjoying reading all these posts. I just started on harp guitar in earnest this year and love it. Learned Hedges Beacause It's There and wrote a tune titled Channeling Micheal. Ha ha. Working on the Double Planet and an Andy Bacon tune called Full Circle. Can play Andy McKee's the Friend I've Never Met. Any of you freaks out there playing this stuff?

Got a Holloway Model 5 and think its a real clunker. It's one of their prototypes so I'm sure they have worked out their sound board and finger board issues by now. Simply said, it sounds terrible unamplified. However, Deiter at K and K Trinity made a pickup for it that rocks! It's a custom piezo for the subs and contact pick ups for the guitar. You can blend them separately with a 2 channel preamp. I believe Andy McKee and Antione Dufour are using a similar set up. Anyway, I'm convinced Deiter can make a 2x4 sound great with one of his systems!

Duane Noble is about to ship me a new one which we're very excited about!

Please offer thoughts on pick ups and builders. Thank you!
JB Davies
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