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Default Pressing too hard to fret

I think I press too hard when I fret and I've been doing it for about 50 years! How the heck can I change this other than just do it! Anybody found anything that helped fix it? Even with good callouses, if I play a jam session or gig of, say, four hours, my fingers are sore, there is a dent in my fingertips lol.

I know lighter string gauge would help but I play 13-56 string gauge a lot because I play a lot tuned Eb to Eb, a half step down. I would just rather fix it by pressing lighter.

I wonder if practicing on an electric would help. I don't have one lol! I could get one if it would help! But, playing singer-songwriter material solo doesn't exactly lend itself to being enjoyed playing electric like you do an acoustic.
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