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Originally Posted by ruby50 View Post
Very interesting guitars and great stories. Two questions please

How were you able to re-use the rosette? I can see saving a round rosette, but....

Is the bridge all one piece?

Thanks, Ed
I cut the rosette out of the old top after the top was removed. saw first then files. I left the old top wood under the rosette in place for support while cutting it out, then once out and trimmed to its original deminsions fastened the face of the rosette to a plastic caul with double sided tape and thinned the back of the rosette by removing the original top wood. So the rosette was held together by tape and caul. But,before I taped and thinned the rosette, while it was still thick but trimmed exactly, I used it to scribe a line on the new top to mark out where the new cavity it was going. I routed out the cavity just a hair deeper than the thickness of the rosette and filled it with epoxy and set the rosette in. The caul held the face of the rosette level with the surface of the top while the epoxy set, so that very little sanding was necessary to even out the rosette with the top. The old rosette was getting thin, having been leveled once in the original top so this technique kept me from having to make it any thinner.

The bridge is one piece with the exception of the two dots which are bridge pin heads cut off the pins and glued to the top.
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