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Originally Posted by Ed Wells View Post
Hi All!

I am interested in recording my acoustic playing for YouTube. My problem is that I have little to no interest in purchasing and learning all about microphones, recording software etc etc.

I suppose the problem is I am so busy at work and family that I would love a simple solution without a learning curve...

Is there any way I can record with just my android phone and send the file to YouTube? I think that perhaps a basic external microphone may help because I did try with the phone only (placed it on my kitchen counter in selfy mode) but the recording with the built-in mic was pretty weak.

By no means am I looking for any kind of perfection as far as audio quality is concerned.

Any help greatly appreciated!

First you said "acoustic playing" so does that mean no vocal just guitar ?
If so (and you also have a pick up system in your guitar) then the answer is yes there are cheap interfaces that allow you to bypass the phones mic, and go directly to the phone . Things like the IK - iRig etc. just google " plugging a guitar into a phone"
If you do not have a pickup in your guitar then no you are either stuck with the very marginal mic in your phone (that you have already experienced) , or going through at least a minimal process of learning about microphones and recording But yes you can purchase a basic USB mic to plug into your phone

Understand though your notion of not "wanting" to learn about recording is somewhat similar to saying "I want to play acoustic guitar but am not interested in learning about chords or music " just something to consider ....
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