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Originally Posted by GuitarLuva View Post
And for the record I read every post here so far and I can easily tell that a few of you seemed to have expressed a great joy in this mishap.
I’ve read the whole thread too and haven’t seen any evidence of people taking anything close to “great joy” at this mishap. It’s a guitar that was shipped in a condition that many wouldn’t accept. Emerald probably tries to be more of a stickler than most of us would be and I’m sure they’ll do everything they can to make this right for the owner.

I think the thread is a good example of how differently some of us look at our guitars. I can honestly say that I personally could have almost all of these flaws on any of my Emeralds and I’d never have noticed them. I honestly had to stare at some of the photos a while to understand what the issue was. The exception may be the condition of the fret tops and the uneven buffing on the fretboard, which I would notice if I could feel them in playing but probably not otherwise. New guitars with scratchy frets bug me at any price level and would REALLY bug me at this level.

But that’s not a negative comment toward the OP or anyone else who finds these things to be issues. These are high dollar guitars (at least in my world - I know there are much more expensive ones out there, but my X20 and woody X7 are the most expensive guitars I own by a wide margin - I briefly owned a PRS electric that cost me more) and I know most of us Emerald owners have had to take a leap of faith with Emerald at some point. And everyone has their own eyes and standards and is entitled to be as much of a stickler as they’re wired to be. I hope and expect Emerald will make this right for the OP.

I’ve seen an honest discussion of the occasional imperfection inevitable with any manufacturer and our own personal standards and reactions to these particular issues. I haven’t seen anyone ripping Emerald or other Emerald owners here, or taking any joy in any of it...