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First off let me say that when Kevin is off usually Alistair is the one responding to emails and that sort of thing. I definitely feel your pain and that guitar should never have been shipped like that so you certainly have a right to be angry. I can guarantee you though when word reaches the ears of Alistair he will be pissed about that guitar and he will most definitely take care of you. Maybe with the Christmas rush and building and shipping so many guitars that one obviously got overlooked. Those guys are human after all and Taylor, Martin, Gibson and all the other big names are no different. These things happen and its unfortunate when they do, but what is important is the situation gets taken care of and it will. And for the record I read every post here so far and I can easily tell that a few of you seemed to have expressed a great joy in this mishap.

This thread will not stop me from praising Emerald guitars and certainly won't stop me from ordering another one and who knows maybe it will be an eye opener for them and have a positive impact in the end.

Oh and I too can't help my curiosity on what jonfields45 meant by "unqualified Emerald love"