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Cosmetic value can be of great importance, or little importance--all depends on the player. One player may simply like the overall look, the sound, find it playable, and keep it for life--unbothered.

Players that change their minds and guitar preferences easily, tend to buy and sell a lot of instruments. Maintaining value is very important for helping fund the next purchase, especially for higher valued instruments.

If a guitar seller is honest, all such flaws need to be described for a potential buyer to consider. This really affects the possible asking price. When there are a number of small cosmetic flaws, seeing these listed in an ad would instantly reduce the seller's asking price to a fraction of it's potential. It really, really would not look good in print.

I've had a number of purchases and interactions with Emerald over the years and can confidently say they will take care of you completely and you will be satisfied. Their customer service is personal and as good as exists anywhere.