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A couple thoughts:

Trying to explain the value to someone about something that falls on the flat portion of the value curve of diminishing returns will always elicit a variety of opinions because the X-axis is is tangible but the Y-axis is based on euphonious perception. To some the answer is “yes” and to others “no”.

My opinion is it is worth it only if 1) a seasoned, quartersawn set is available; 2) you are working with a custom luthier who has experience in integrating the wood into their building paradigm; and 3) you desire a guitar with a full deep bass, and trebles with a glass-like ringing sustain. Some folks are attracted by some aesthetic aspects to boot with some of the figuring that can occur.

Not everyone wants #3, nor is it the best for certain styles of play. For some folks and styles of play, maples or mahoganies can be the cats meow. In too many cases of late, #1 is lacking due to avalability or an unwillingness to pay the premium for the quality set.

African Blackwood, Cocobolo, East Indian Rosewood, Honduran Rosewood, Madagascar Rosewood and Yucatan Rosewood are all fantastic tonewoods, but are all different than Brazilian Rosewood in how they contribute.

My $.02
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