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I would suggest that no upgrade/option is worth the money if we're talking math. You just can't make the math work.

I think it comes down to two things:
1. Can you hear an improvement?
2. Is that improvement worth the cost to you?

Once you get to the level of guitar where you're changing the rosewood every difference is going to be quite subtle. And obviously every set of Brazilian is not equal.

Last year I chose between two Lowden's with different woods. I paid $3,000 more for the African Blackwood/sinker Redwood guitar. The other guitar was very nice. The difference in a pure math/percentage sense was relatively small. But for me the difference was between beautiful and exactly the sound my ear was looking for.

I quickly and gladly paid for that sound. I have not had one day's worth of regret. So for me the answer to the two questions was yes and yes.

But there have been plenty of times when the answers were yes and no. It's hard to argue with the heart, and there are times when you simply don't wish to.
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