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Originally Posted by ceciltguitar View Post
Interesting to compare your custom scale length new X7 to my custom scale length X10. By extending the standard X7 scale length, Alistair moved your bridge down. By diminishing the standard X10 scale length (from 650 mm to 640 mm), Alistair had to move the bridge on my X10 up.
Did you ever do an NGD post for this guitar? I don't recall seeing one. I'm slowly designing my own custom nylon.

I also prefer a 640mm scale, and the size of an x10. I prefer a 41.5mm string spacing at the nut. This puts the 1st and 6th strings very close to the edge of the fretboard, since I also prefer a narrower neck, and poses a problem with the 1st string slipping off the edge. A flat or 20" radius would reduce this problem, relative to a 16" radius. I currently have a crossover with a 16" radius and a 1 7/8" nut, and it's a problem. I addressed it by creating my own offset nut, giving more space to the 1st string and less to the 6th.

My current design is for a 49mm nut, offset to give the 1st string a 4mm gap to the edge of the fretboard, a 41.5mm string spacing at the nut, a 20" radius, and a 640mm scale. I would also prioritize positioning the saddle in the center of the lower bout, for tone, regardless of where the frets landed relative to the body of the guitar.
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