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At 15 (long time ago), I worked at my neighbours lumberyard, pre oh and s, 9ft circular saw blade attached to a tractor engine. We did quarter and rift cuts. Classifying the wood by its annular rings on display at the endgrain is imo a poor way to classify, endgrain is more relative to tree trunk size than the type of quartersawn cut, the cut is classified by the way its cut, nothing more complicated than that.

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a log flatsawn will have one board cut through the center and will be perfectly "quartered" even though the process was flatsawing, while slicing a quartered log will yield one perfectly "quartered" board and others of varying degrees of rift.
You just nailed why industries try to put descriptives on a product, you will also note, they say typically annular rings of this degree to create a category for saleable purposes, this way the sawyer can sell some of the wood cut during the flatsawing process as quarter sawn wood. They do this by removing the heart wood cut on a centre cut, so you end up with two perfectly quartered boards

I personally use the term flat sawn or quarter sawn in lutherie.

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