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Originally Posted by reeve21 View Post
Betts would love to play second base, supposedly he still takes ground balls there every day. But putting J.D. in the outfield is risky, especially with a hinky ankle. It would be hard to second guess Cora for doing what he has to do to get a great hitter in the lineup. Still, I would not be surprised if J.D. was on the bench at the beginning of game 3.
I'm extremely pro-Cora. But I'm already second-guessing his decision to use Eovaldi last night and not save him to start game 3 in L.A.
I foresee Porcello giving up several long and loud dingers to one (or all four) of the left-handed hitters the Dodger braintrust decided to sit on the bench in spite of their combined 109 homers.
For my money, the smart move would be to start Eovaldi game 3, and Sale game 4.
As far as Mookie at 2B...they probably don't get past Houston except for 3 great plays in RF. Not smart to take a gold glove outfielder and at the same time weaken the defense at 2B. Especially since it's a National League park, so Cora will need bats off the bench anyway.
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