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Congrats, man. I have the bigger brother, the forerunner to the SJ300DVS, the SJ500VLS. The smaller one, the SS500VLS, is the forerunner to your SS300DVS. The 500 series was for sale only in Japan but a few made their way to the US.

Ibanez conducted a small survey and a few of us responded that we would like to see the 500 series in NA. The result is the SJ300 and SS300.

The SS300 is really modelled on the GB10. It has almost the same proportions but it is a little deeper in the rim.

It is a great sounding jazzbox plugged in. Get it set up right. String her with D'addario Chrome, 12-52. It need make no apology in comparison with more expensive jazz archtops. Play it in good health you.
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