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Originally Posted by Wade Hampton View Post
Define "better."

There are some small shop operations like Collings and the Santa Cruz Guitar Company that make guitars directly inspired by Martins. Huss and Dalton does much the same thing. But as finely crafted as their guitars are, there's no guarantee that they'll be "better" than the Martin models that inspired them. And because those smaller firms can't achieve the same economies of scale that a larger outfit like Martin can, you'll usually pay significantly more for their guitars than you generally will for the equivalent Martins.

Hope that makes sense.

Wade Hampton Miller
I've played numerous guitars from both makers and I've yet to come across a dud from Huss and Dalton. Can't say the same about Martin, unless we're talking about the ones that come from the custom shop - Authentics and Golden Eras. Now we're comparing the top of the line Martins to the H&D's, both of which are incredible and priced accordingly.

Of course this is all subjective, but I would venture a guess that the educated ear would be able to hear the differences.
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