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Default Who Makes Martins Better than Martin?

This was mentioned in another thread, but I'd like some opinions. Specifically who makes a better D-28 or HD-35 type of dreadnought?

By better, I mean more consistent sound from guitar to guitar, and better quality in build. I am specifically interested in spruce / EIR tonewoods. I like the sound of that combination. Cost is secondary, but given an HD-35 MAP is $3229 or thereabouts, I'd like the answers to be in the $3000-4000K range. I'm not looking to spend $6K+ on a new guitar. I'm also not looking for a dread that sounds like a Taylor. I'm looking for a dread that sounds more like what the a good Martin D-28 or D-35 sounds like. Flat picking or strumming would be the main style of play.

And, yes, I know I can just buy a Martin. Just wanting to open up my options for consideration.
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