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Originally Posted by JerryM View Post
Here is the link to the one I am looking at it is carbon fiber and really thin... Jerry
I bought one of those Alloy+Carbon pickguards for my Rainsong. I thought it looked pretty sharp, except that there was some fogging in the resin that was visible from certain angles.

Unfortunately, they come from Greece, and it's about a month-long wait (with customs), so I didn't try to return it.

Instead I got a custom-made one from here.

It's just gloss black, but it's a very nice pickguard, and I was able to choose my soundhole radius. I'd had to trim the first one to get it to fit properly.

I know the guitar doesn't really need one. But it just looked like something was missing until I put one on. I haven't noticed any difference in the sound.

Hope this helps.

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